Welcome to Escape Khaos!

If four years ago we would have been told that in 2017 we would be immersed in our escape room project, we would have said: “room of what?”. And yet, here we are!
Probably many of you will already be escapist experts, others will know (at least hearsay) the activity of the escape rooms and others still do not know what we are talking about.
For the latter: an escape room is a challenge that is solved through small challenges, which can be in the form of puzzles, riddles, deduction games, logic, skill, etc., and for which teamwork is essential. , since at least two people are necessary to play.

It is also a leisure activity, in which for approximately one hour, you will disconnect from everything to immerse yourself in a different reality.
Soon, you can enjoy the first adventure we have prepared for you: it is a pleasure for us to introduce you Escape Khaos!
We are Miren, Olaiz, Zuriñe and Vanessa and we want to share with you our fondness for the escape, which we have decided to take beyond our own visits, routes and resolution of enigmas and challenges in other people’s rooms, shaping it in our own project, which will soon be the light.
(From …) we hope everyone: Madrid and visitors, experienced escapists and newcomers to the world of escape, couples, groups of friends, colleagues, etc., hoping to transmit all the fun, passion and good times that we ourselves have lived in the last three and a half years in so many other rooms.
Our base of operations will be located at Calle Jerónimo de la Quintana, number 10, in the neighborhood of Chamberí and one step away from Malasaña, between San Bernardo and Fuencarral streets and very close to the stations of Bilbao, San Bernardo and Quevedo.

In addition to our escape rooms, in our premises we will have a place for the development of group activities and corporate events, with capacity for … people.
We will also have a portable game for groups of … and … people, which can be played in our premises or, if you prefer, we can move to the place you indicate.
We are eager to live new experiences and escapist moments, this time with you and in Escape Khaos!
Maybe you are asking “why Khaos?” … Stay tuned to our news and soon you will know.

¡Welcome to the Khaos!

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