• FAQ's

Escape games are leisure activities in which a team must use their skills of ingenuity, logic and ability to achieve a specific mission that is framed within a specific history and setting.

The games are guided at all times by a game master, who is in charge of helping the teams with clues when they need it.

The number of components of the equipment varies depending on the game in question. For example, our Butterfly game effect is designed for teams of between 2 and 6 components. In the case of El Rescate, which is a portable game, that is, you can play in our place or we can move with it to play it where you prefer, it can be played simultaneously from 8 to 100 people.

In Escape Khaos we think that there is no age limit to enjoy our games, although we do not recommend them for children under 9, because the type of challenges that may arise can be too complicated for them.

On the other hand, although children under 15 are welcome, they must always be accompanied by at least one adult.

Both the change of date and time and the cancellation of the reservation are possible, provided they are made with a minimum of 24 hours in advance in the case of changes and three days in the case of cancellation.

There is no problem You can book by paying € 30 at the time of booking and the rest you can pay according to the number of players when you come to play at the venue.

We request that you arrive at the premises 10 minutes before the time for which you have made the reservation.

Before starting to play, we will make a brief introduction to your mission: the duration of this will be a maximum of 60 minutes in the case of Butterfly Effect and 75 minutes in the case of El Rescate. After the game, we will discuss with you a bit about how the experience has gone, so the whole activity will last a few more minutes.

Of course! You can do it in the following link: Gift. It is not necessary to know in advance the specific date, but the person to whom you give it will be able to choose it himself. Of course, you will need to buy the bonus for a specific number of players. The gift voucher lasts two months.

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