Why Escape Khaos?
In our previous entry we promised to explain the origin of our name. Well, Escape Khaos owes its name to a branch of science that you probably have heard about but that you may never have thought of relating to the escape rooms: we talk about chaos theory.

This theory deals with complex systems, on which it is impossible to predict their future evolution, since any variation in the initial conditions, however minimal, can completely change the situation. It applies, for example, to weather, turbulence in airplanes, traffic jams, ups and downs of the stock market, etc.
Escapists, do not you think this is familiar? When you finish playing in an escape room, it is common to make and hear comments such as: “if we had seen the key before”, “if we had not overlooked that detail”, … what would have happened is that the whole experience would have been different.

In fact, the experiences of two groups in the same room can be totally different. That is why we concluded that the theory of chaos reflects the world of escapism very well and we decided to inspire ourselves in it to baptize our escape halls.
In short, according to this theory, our universe is chaotic in nature, although normally it may seem that it contains an order that allows us to live in it: we want you to look for your order within the Khaos, so that you can find your way within our rooms. We trust in you!

As a last note, we would like to tell you that one of the most well-known concepts of chaos theory is the famous butterfly effect, according to which “the flutter of a butterfly in Brazil can cause a hurricane in Texas”, that is, a tiny change It can lead to a completely different situation. Why do we tell you this? Soon you will know …

¡Stay tuned to Khaos Escape!


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